Our farm advisers and specialist consultants are continuing to help famers and land managers become more carbon conscious, protect the environment and increase biodiversity on and around their holding, whilst maintaining a profitable and sustainable business.

With support from EU and Scottish Government, we are currently working with farmers as part of three key initiatives:

Farming for a Better Climate (FFBC)

FFBC provides practical support to benefit the farm and help reduce our impact on the climate. Taking action as a sector, both to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to a changing climate, will secure farm viability for future generations.

FFBC is run by SRUC on behalf of the Scottish Government. We combine ideas trialled by our volunteer Climate Change Focus Farms and information from up-to-the-minute scientific research.

We offer practical advice to help you choose the most relevant measures to improve both your farm performance and resilience to future climate change effects.

Learn more on the FFBC website

Farming and Water Scotland

Helping farmers and land managers protect and improve water quality around the farm.

Some of this is accomplished by making the best use of water resources whilst reducing pollution risk.

Learn more on the Farming and Water Scotland website

Scotland’s Farm Advisory Service (FAS)

FAS is part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) which is co-funded by the EU and Scottish Government, providing information and resources aimed at increasing the profitability and sustainability of farms and crofts.

Grant support, a full programme of events, a subscription service for crofts and small farms, and a range of articles and publications form the core of this service which is designed to provide integrated advice for farmers and crofters across Scotland.

Learn more on the FAS website

Farm Carbon Storage Network

This project seeks to raise awareness of the value of carbon stored on farms through the establishment of a Farm Carbon Storage Network. Funded by the Scottish Government’s Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund (KTIF), 5 farms have been selected to participate in this phase. The carbon stock on each representative farm will be estimated by combining soil testing and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) aerial surveys. This information shared from this network will enable farmers across the country to estimate their own carbon storage and to ignite ideas for increasing carbon sequestration on farms.

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