Working with agricultural, rural and industrial clients our consultants can offer practical interpretation of the legislation and provide advice on best practice to ensure compliance with the regulations.

We use our technical expertise to quantify and minimise pollution risk while enhancing environmental performance.

Our services for the management of soil:

  • Soil survey and assessment for planning purposes
  • Land restoration and reclamation
  • Waste spreading to land recommendations and exemptions
  • Land drainage
  • Soil sampling and site reports
  • Customised soil analysis with optional contamination assessment

We offer a SoilCheck service which provides topsoil and subsoil analysis reports to The British Standard for Topsoil (BS3882:2015) and The British Standard for Subsoil (BS8601:2013).

The reports provide an overall quality assessment to help clients show compliance with design specifications and to meet project objectives.

Our services to protect water:

  • Rural and commercial SUDS
  • Land, amenity and commercial drainage solutions
  • Ponds and reservoirs
  • Conservation wetlands
  • Effluent treatment reedbeds

Our services for air quality:

  • Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System (ADMS) for agricultural sites
  • Particulate modelling and assessment
  • Odour modelling and assessment
  • Ammonia modelling and assessment
  • Air quality and emission management plans
  • Screening and mitigation - Simple Calculation of Atmospheric Impact Limits (SCAIL) assessments
  • Assistance with permitting and statutory nuisance procedures

Our services for utilisation of waste in agriculture:

  • Waste analysis
  • Agricultural exemptions for utilisation of waste in agriculture
  • Technical notes for use of waste in agriculture
  • Liase with regulators

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