The Premium Sheep and Goat Health Schemes (PSGHS) are run by SRUC Veterinary Services and provide an important framework for establishing the disease status of a flock, as well as guidance for reduction, eradication and certification of freedom from disease.

Thinking of joining PSGHS?

Learn more about SRUC’s Premium Sheep and Goat health schemes, the diseases and how to apply for membership, prices and what’s involved.
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Show and sale organisers

Rules, regulations, and resources if you are running an MV/CAE accredited show or sale.
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Existing PSGHS Members & vets

Detailed information and forms you may need as a PSGHS member including scheme rules and guides, testing and submission forms, and price list.
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PSGHS Members database

The place to check out stock with health status selected by breed, scheme, name and address. Note: only members who have given their permission are included.
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Sending samples?

Please send all PSGHS samples to:

SRUC Veterinary Services, Greycrook, St. Boswells, TD6 0EQ

Tel: 01835 822 456 



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