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The Premium Sheep and Goat Health Schemes run by SRUC Veterinary Services provide an important framework for establishing the disease status of a flock as well as guidance for reduction, eradication, and certification of freedom from disease.

We work in close partnership with vet practices and our member farmers and offer a cost-effective national programme of proactive testing and management to control Maedi Visna (MV) for sheep / Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE) for goats, Enzootic Abortion of Ewes (EAE) and Johne's Disease. We also provide a Scrapie Monitoring Scheme for export and Scrapie Genotyping for selective breeding.

Buyers of breeding replacements and breed societies are increasingly demanding stock sold with Certified Accredited health status and it is a requirement for export to countries free of MV/CAE.

While PSGHS Accreditation is the gold standard, PSGHS Monitoring Schemes provide a level of assurance for buyers looking to reduce disease risk and will be of value to all flock owners wishing to minimise the impact of disease in their flocks. PSGHS Monitoring Schemes are offered for two important infectious sheep diseases: Maedi Visna (MV) and Johne’s disease, with potential for other diseases to be added at a later date.

Sending samples

Please send PCHS and PSGHS samples to:
SRUC Veterinary Services, Greycrook, St Boswells, TD6 0EQ. Telephone: 01835 822 456 or visit the contact page.

A health scheme you can trust

Our team of specialist PSGHS vets can support your vet and implement a programme of testing and biosecurity to help you eliminate and control disease in your flock/herd.

We have a proven track record of running health schemes since 1998. Our Health Schemes Team based at our Centre at St Boswells provide:

  • Fully interpreted results sent promptly to you and your vet with preferential testing rates
  • A database enabling you to keep track of your flock/herd’s testing progress
  • Reminders sent to you when testing is due
  • An option to advertise on a PSGHS membership database to thousands of potential buyers
  • Health Status reports which means that you can promote your flock/herd to people sourcing rams and breeding replacements

MV/CAE Accredited members are able to:

  • Attend MV/CAE Accredited sections at shows and sales.
  • Export to countries free of MV/CAE

We run a UKAS accredited lab with our expert team of scientific staff so you can be assured of a quality service.

How does PSGHS work?

You can choose to join any of our schemes for any of the diseases. Please ensure that you are familiar with biosecurity guidelines before applying.

Please enrol by returning a completed application form. We will send paperwork and guidance so that your vet can sample the appropriate animals and certify that biosecurity conditions are met. Once your flock/herd qualifies, PSGHS will award you with health status reports. There is an annual PSGHS membership and we invoice you directly for any lab testing at a discounted rate.

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About the diseases

find out more about the diseases covered by Premium Sheep and Goat Health Schemes.

About the diseases

Sample requirements

Each disease or scheme has a set of different sample requirements. Use our Quick Reference Guides and Digital Guides below which can be downloaded on your mobile phone for information ‘on the go’.

It is important that the correct forms are submitted along with any samples.

  • PSGHS use red top blood tubes. Samples should be dispatched to us within 48 hours of collection and refrigerated until dispatch
  • Where testing dates coincide and samples are being submitted for EAE as well as MV/CAE, a single sample from each animal is sufficient, but the correct blood test information sheets must be completed for each scheme
  • PSGHS abortion material from members of the Enzootic Abortion of Ewes (EAE) Accreditation also should go to the local SRUC Consulting Veterinary Services or APHA Centre which you normally use

Important: please provide an extra blood sample/animal if you require non-Health Scheme tests done along with your Health Scheme tests. If you are importing animals, please contact PSGHS.

All samples should be sent to St Boswells following Royal Mail Guidelines.

Scrapie Genotyping requires an EDTA blood sample in purple blood tubes. Find out more information about Scrapie monitoring here.


Some questions asked by our PSGHS members.

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Application forms

An application form must be completed before any testing can take place. There is an option to be ‘Accredited’ for MV/CAE, EAE and Johne’s Disease or ‘Monitored’ for MV or Johne’s Disease. It is important that you mark on the form whether you wish to be PSGHS 'Monitored' or PSGHS 'Accredited'.

Please note: PSGHS MV Monitored is not as high a health status as MV Accredited. MV Monitored status doesn't qualify animals for entry into MV Accredited sections of shows and sales, or meet export regulations that require MV Accreditation. It does however provide an option for many commercial flock owners wishing to reduce the impact of disease.

Once you enroll onto PSGHS, submission forms for annual testing will be sent automatically by PSGHS to you and your vet. The Submission form you are sent includes a declaration which must be fully completed and signed by both owner/manager and vet.

All application forms should be completed and returned to : Premium Sheep and Goat Health Schemes, SRUC Veterinary Services, Greycrook, St Boswells, TD6 0EQ or you can email the form to:

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