Livestock health planning is recognised as an effective tool to improve health, welfare and productivity. The collaboration between the farmer and their vet and other professional advisers during that process is pivotal and promotes best practice, increases knowledge on farm, improves productivity while safeguarding animal health and welfare.


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The SRUC Vet Services tries to facilitate furthermore the health planning process through the development of the HerdPlan a new health planning web-app that aims to make health planning more dynamic, quicker and easier for everybody involved. The development journey thus far has been supported by a plethora of people including the health planning stakeholder group which members were people from the industry, government bodies, farm assurance schemes, academia, research, vet schools, private vet practices, farming industry, SRUC and SAC Consulting. Please visit our HerdPlan website to view the features of the web-app and register to receive updates on the HerdPlan development.   

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Sheep and Suckler Cow Animal Health Planning System (SAHPS)

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The Sheep and Suckler Cow Animal Health Planning System (SAHPS) is a web-based health planning system. It's very user-friendly, so farmers and vets can easily access, update and review health and production data to create a dynamic health plan for your animals.

SAHPS provides benchmarking and can highlight farm priorities. It compares production and disease data year on year and you can compare your performance to other farms. A useful calendar helps you plan and track farm health activities throughout the year. Please visit visit our features page for full details. You can also download the flyer for farmers and the flyer for vets for more information.

Mobile app

*Available now*

The SAHPS mobile app lets you instantly record data while out and about, even without internet connection. The data is then automatically collated into the SAHPS health plan once you have access to WiFi again. The app creates the e-medicine book, integrates with BCMS/ScotEID and can be used as a useful stand-alone tool. Please download the app promotional flyer for more information.


SAHPS was created by SRUC and funded by The Scottish Government. It has over 3,500 members and is free for farmers and vets in Scotland, with competitive rates if you are in England or Wales.

To register or for any questions please visit the SAHPS website.


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Our diagnostic testing is carried out under UKAS ISO17025 accreditation. The current schedules of accreditation (2239 and 7624) are available on the UKAS website.

For more information please see our sample and reporting policy, terms and conditions, privacy policy and quality policy.

All the above health planning services are supported by the Scottish Government.