Crofting provides more than food production; it provides high-nature value farming, appealing landscapes, a mosaic of habitats for flora and fauna, local businesses, economic and community benefits and population retention in remote areas.

Our aim in supporting this vital aspect of agriculture in Scotland is to strengthen and progress modern crofting and give crofters the advice and knowledge that will ensure that they can thrive. Many of our advisors are crofters themselves and understand the crofting systems and challenges through their own experiences. 

In all the crofting communities, SAC Consulting has a team of local, independent advisors who are well verse in the many aspects of crofting. Services such as business planning, agricultural support payment scheme applications, crofting registration, sheep records, Agri-Environment and Climate Scheme (AECS) and Crofting and Agricultural Grant Scheme (CAGS) applications are very popular throughout the communities we operate in throughout Scotland. We also work closely with the Crofting Commission and the Scottish Government's Rural Payments and Inspections Division (SGRPID) so that we know what lies ahead. Whatever you need, we're here for you. 

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Our Croft and Small Farm Subscription provides crofter access to local agricultural consultants for advice on all rural related subjects. 

Your subscription service is supported by expert consultant in a local office in the crofting counties who understand the area you live and croft in, and the challenges and opportunities you face. We give independent advice and are backed by a wealth of industry research, connections and knowledge, utilising our national support with local delivery tailored to you. 

You can rest easy knowing that we're here for you, whenever you need us. 

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We understand everything crofting and can help you with all aspects of running and growing a croft.

Whether you need support with your livestock, would like help with common grazings, grant applications, sea eagle management advice, legislation or some guidance in other aspects of your croft management activities, we have a service for you. 

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