Our Challenge Centres bring together experts to address tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues and produce research that influences industry, policy, communities and society.

Our goals

By aligning our innovation and expertise across the challenge areas we can anticipate and develop creativity, allowing us to be the leading force of development and deployment of innovation and support our natural economy.

The Challenge Centres are a key support for knowledge exchange and the use of research to influence change. They can identify areas of convergence with potential partners and audiences in academia, enterprise, government and other sectors. This leads to successful networking, productive debates and collective influencing.

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Research services

Our work addresses health and productivity in animals, animal welfare and crops, promotes low carbon farming and increases farm output through efficiency and innovation.

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Vet & laboratory services

Our leading experts provide support to clients in areas animal disease, diagnosis and surveillance.

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SAC Consulting

Our consultants in 25 offices across Scotland and northern England turn research into advice and advantage for business and public sector alike.

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