Cultivating futures — great and small

Courses and training at SRUC provide knowledge, skills and opportunities that help you achieve your goals.

Cultivating knowledge

Our research focuses on rural, environmental and land-based activity and supports education and consultancy.

Cultivating business

SAC consulting offers business advisory services to support and advise land-based businesses in the rural economy.

Cultivating community

We thrive on teamwork and partnerships, be it with our alumni community, student association or business and research collaborations.

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SRUC is leading climate change action by delivering cutting-edge research, inclusive education as well as policy and business support. Find out more about how we are leading the global charge to address the climate emergency and to turn sustainability challenges into positive action.

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£21m to make dairy industry cream of the crop

A digital dairy project aiming to create 600 new jobs in South-West Scotland and Cumbria has been awarded more than £21 million of funding.

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Calum Spalding – Advanced Certificate in Forestry graduate

"The training at Barony gave me the basic skills and knowledge to get me into the industry and start to build a career."

Kristyna Andrlova – Garden Design student

"I really appreciate how creative the course is. We have a lot of freedom when it comes to modules."

Holly Loftus – Forgework graduate

"My favourite thing about the course was the style of teaching. It was always exciting and fresh."

Arthur Johnston – Rural Skills graduate

"The course was fun and the support from staff was fantastic, I felt so at home in my surroundings and this ultimately made me work harder."

Katie Goodfellow – BSc Environmental Management graduate

"I’ve particularly enjoyed the field trips. They give you a chance to meet new people and make connections in your chosen industry."

Charlotte Mortimer – BSc Agriculture graduate

"There has always been such a good network of people. Lecturers are really helpful and understanding and I have a great bunch of classmates."

Michaela Patzeltova – HND Professional Golf graduate

"I really appreciate how our lecturers were always keen and happy to help. The support students receive is above and beyond."

Sarah Stuart – HND Animal Care graduate

"I have formed great friendships and made many connections within the sector, which will greatly benefit me when I begin looking for employment."

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SAC Consulting

Our consultants in 25 offices across Scotland and northern England turn research into advice and advantage for business and public sector alike.

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Vet & laboratory services

Our leading experts provide support to clients in areas animal disease, diagnosis and surveillance.

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Research services

Our work addresses health and productivity in animals, animal welfare and crops, promotes low carbon farming and increases farm output through efficiency and innovation.

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