Developing solutions to industry challenges

At SRUC, we work closely with commercial organisations, both nationally and internationally, developing innovative solutions to industry challenges and needs.

The Commercial Group can assist with accessing technology, facilities and expertise within SRUC to enable commercial organisations address industry needs. We support commercial opportunities in collaborative contract research, consultancy, commercial partnerships and new ventures to help identify, pursue and support innovation and stimulate business growth.


Partnerships and contract research are an ideal way for a company to access the facilities and expertise offered across SRUC.

Through close collaboration we will help you identify which of our offers best fit your specific requirements and support you in identifying opportunities for innovation and business growth. This can range from contract research and joint ventures to strategic partnerships.

Partnership success: Waitrose & Partners

SRUC leads a pioneering project to assess the emotional expressivity of animals in the supply chain. The project has particular focus on recognising and promoting positive expressions of animals’ welfare and quality of life through Qualitative Behavioural Assessment (QBA).

QBA is a system developed by Prof Wemelsfelder, SRUC, that focuses on the expressive ‘body language’ (for example: curious or scared) that animals show when they interact with each other and their environment.

The system integrates such observations into a framework that can offer real insight into an animal’s emotional state and allows patterns to emerge that give an indication of the animal’s general mood.

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Partnership success: LymeApp

LymeApp is a website and linked app. It was developed by International Disease Mapping Apps Ltd (ID MAPPS), a new company formed by SRUC, as well as a representative company Highland Health Ventures Ltd (a collaborative partner for NHS Highland), ERGO (Environmental Research Group Limited) and Belgium-based Avia GIS NV.

LymeApp combines satellite information with data from the Scottish Lyme Disease and Tick-borne Infections Reference Laboratory in Inverness. It also uses information from general medical practitioners and those exposed to ticks through work or recreation.

The app uses spatial modelling techniques to produce detailed maps of where the ticks are likely to be and where the disease is reported most often. Using citizen science technology, LymeApp will also allow the public to report locations via their phone of tick sightings and bites to this central database.

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As part of the strategic priorities across SRUC we aim to contribute to the social and economic benefits for entrepreneurs and industry and to spur innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth.

Ventures is the investment fund of SRUC. It is our aim to support and enable spin-out and spin-in companies looking to take on additional finance, support and expertise. We can advise on equity investments to companies whose services, products or technologies are close to the scientific fields and strategic priorities of SRUC.

Innovation Hub

Innovation is a long-term endeavour that requires commitment and investment. To remain at the forefront of rural innovation, SRUC is working on developing a culture of entrepreneurship and providing a framework to explore new business ideas without fear of failure.

The Innovation Hub focuses on identifying new enterprise opportunities, protecting IP and delivering a training programme that equips fledging intra and entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to set up new businesses.

How can we help you?

  • Funding through the Orchard, an SRUC venture turning innovative business ideas into tangible commercial projects
  • Mentoring on business start-up and commerciality
  • Enterprise formation training
  • Support with innovation competition entries (RSE, Converge, Scottish Edge)
  • Finding funding sources outside of SRUC to help support an idea become a commercial venture
  • Linking ideas through case studies and industry days

Innovation Hub success: MI:RNA

Formed as a result of an Innovation Hub Orchard project that started in 2019, MI:RNA, further supported by SRUC, has now been set up as a company that provides a unique, cost-effective diagnostic assay that identifies heart disease in animals.

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