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This Centre aims to find new systems-level solutions to tackle the worsening climate crisis. Working with partners we identify and implement interventions and ensure the adaptation to, and mitigation of, climate change impacts.

The complexity of the challenge cannot just be solved by direct, short-term research alone but needs a broad, multi-disciplinary and open approach that takes the long view.

Our multi-disciplinary approach to the global climate emergency

Transformational research

SRUC conducts internationally respected, largely multi- and inter-disciplinary research, seeking to address the major challenges of growing global demand for food and nutrition security, climate change and dwindling natural resources with emphasis on resource use efficiency.

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Learn how SAC Consulting can build sustainability into your designs to avoid depletion or degradation of natural resources, helping to protect and support a long-term environmental quality for all.

Focused education offerings

SRUC focuses on solving the global challenges facing the planet, including climate change, biodiversity and access to nutritious food and clean water. By focusing on the sustainability of our natural economy, SRUC will strive to make a world of difference: delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all, both locally across Scotland, the UK, and beyond.

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Have a look at our latest news articles to find out more about our research activities and impact across the globe.

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You can access our research outputs, learn more about our research team, see our current and past research projects and much more on SRUC Pure.

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