To find a course and apply, please visit the dedicated section on our website. You can learn more about the academic offerings and information about the vet school below.

Our veterinary medicine degree

Find out how to register your interest, what we are looking for, the extra mural studies involved and more.

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Additional subject areas

Other areas of study include veterinary nursing, rural animal health, and zoonoses & epidemiology of animal infectious diseases.

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Campus tours

The vet school offers some fantastic facilities specific to our course and research areas.

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How we are different

Learn about our unique vision for Scotland's new vet school, and why it matters.

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Admissions process

Admissions for the BVSci is a three-step process - find out what the requirements are.

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Future Vets Scotland

Future Vets Scotland is for anyone who is thinking they might like to be a vet. Whether you have always wanted to be a vet or are just considering it now, Future Vets is committed to helping you become part of the next generation of vets in Scotland.

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