Why study in Scotland?

A warm and friendly welcome awaits you in Scotland.
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Why study at SRUC?

Join us and make a world of difference.
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Where are you coming to Scotland from?

Students from England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Islands

Coming to Scotland to study at SRUC from elsewhere in the UK is a great choice! Learn more about how to apply, study, and thrive in our beautiful country while making the very most of SRUC's first-class education opportunities.

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Students from Ireland

Coming to us from the Republic of Ireland? You're very welcome! Our Irish mini prospectus has been specifically written with you in mind and contains entry requirements for all our courses, and information on how to apply.

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International students

Coming to Scotland from outside the UK or Ireland? Our international student pages are dedicated to providing the information and advice you need to apply to SRUC, study with us, and live in beautiful Scotland.

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Scotland's always been a nation of leaders in their field. 

And what we need now are leaders in fields like climate change, food security, sustainability and management of our natural resources. People with the skills, training and expertise to tackle the big challenges of today and tomorrow. 

Issues such as environmental impact and sustainability have an effect on all our lives and are of importance whether you have ambitions to manage a golf course or a farm, run your own business or run the country.

At SRUC, we focus on solving the global challenges facing the planet, including climate change, biodiversity and access to nutritious food and clean water.

Our courses consider the innovative science that supports land-based and rural industries, the way they interact with and support the environment around them, and the businesses that rely on them.

We strive to help grow a natural economy fuelled by the responsible use of the world’s natural resources: people, land, energy, water, animals and plants.

In this, we are experts.

Scotland's always punched above its weight. That's why SRUC doesn't just produce graduates, we're here to create and mobilise knowledge and talent to build leaders - leaders who will help businesses, communities and governments to take on the critical challenges of today and tomorrow.

Are you ready to be one of them?