SRUC Veterinary Services offers competitive, quality assured farm and companion animal clinical pathology, histopathology and post mortem services providing specialist advice to veterinary surgeons throughout the UK. We provide a rapid turnaround of test results with full interpretation either by email or web portal so that you can be assured of a fast and efficient service.

Our friendly veterinary investigation officers all have a broad knowledge of animal health and production systems, and many have further specialist qualifications. They are supported by an experienced team of laboratory scientists and technical staff.

Testing is carried out in our modern laboratory facilities situated in the Pentlands Science Park outside Edinburgh. We provide testing in the areas of Clinical Biochemistry, Haematology, Serology, Molecular Biology (virus detection), Microbiology, Histopathology, Cytology and Parasitology.

We also offer on-site post mortem examination services for all species at four of our livestock Disease Surveillance Centres (Aberdeen, Dumfries, St Boswells and Thurso) and in partnership with University of Glasgow Vet School. A companion animal, wildlife and forensic post mortem examination service is also offered at Pentlands Science Park.

Our diagnostic testing is carried out under UKAS ISO17025 accreditation. The current schedules of accreditation (2239 and 7624) are available on the UKAS website.

Sending samples

Please send diagnostic samples to: SRUC Veterinary Services, Pentlands Science Park, Bush Loan, Penicuik, Midlothian, EH26 0PZ.

Please send PCHS and PSGHS samples to: SRUC Veterinary Services, Greycrook, St Boswells, TD6 0EQ.

Get in touch using our contact page.

Submission forms

All good testing starts with a well completed submission form! Please provide as much information as possible when sending in samples for testing. Our submission forms have been designed to capture the information we need to ensure you get the test results and interpretation that you need. Also, by completing the submission form you are supporting our surveillance activities to identify new and unusual diseases. Each sample you submit must be clearly identified. See our policy on using samples submitted to our diagnostic service and health schemes.

See our submission forms for livestock and companion animals below.

Please follow the links to access submission forms for our cattle health schemesheep and goat health schemes and BVD control schemes.

Paperwork required for diagnostic samples from the European Union
Please download the ABP commercial document plus Scottish facilitation letter and Relevant SRUC submission form. The EORI number requested by the Courier uplifting your samples is our Vat number GB435882817.

Test and price list

SRUC Veterinary Services offers a broad range of laboratory tests to support disease monitoring and diagnosis in companion animals and livestock as well as farmed poultry, captive species and wildlife. Many of our tests are UKAS ISO17025 accredited, offering you peace of mind that our testing is carried out to the highest standard. Information on our tests including prices, suitable sample types and turnaround times is available in our downloadable and searchable price list.

SRUC Veterinary Services test and price list

All clinical pathology samples should be sent to:
SRUC Veterinary and Analytical Laboratory, Pentlands Science Park, Bush Loan, Penicuik, Midlothian, EH26 0PZ.

Please contact your local Disease Surveillance Centre or Veterinary Surveillance Hub to discuss submission of carcases for post-mortem examination.

Guidance on disease investigations

Collecting the right samples and selecting the most suitable tests are crucial when investigating a disease problem or assessing the health status of an animal or group. To help you make the right choices we have created a series of guides to inform your investigations.

In Scotland, if livestock disease outbreaks are complex or unusual then the Scottish Government provides funding to support investigations. This allows SRUC Veterinary Services VIOs to visit a farm and work with the local veterinary practice in order to collect more information on cases where the disease presentation is atypical or the cause is not clear. It also allows more in-depth projects to be carried out into disease syndromes that could impact herds and flocks on a national scale.

We can also provide health planning advice for livestock units on a commercial basis, working with the veterinary practice that is providing primary veterinary care.

General sampling advice

Helping you get the most from your samples

We always strive to do everything we can to help our customers find the answers they need. A crucial step in the testing process is making sure that samples we receive are in the best condition for analysis. We have put together some advice on how to make sure your samples are in the optimal condition for testing.

Disease investigation webinars

Our Veterinary Investigation Officers (VIOs) have recorded a series of webinars that explore various aspects of disease investigation in livestock.

These range from guidance on on-farm postmortem examinations to coping with the complexities of BVD eradication. So grab a coffee, click one of the links below and benefit from the knowledge and experience of our VIO team.

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