Nurturing your land-management ambitions.

For landowners and rural estates, our team of experts can offer advice and solutions in areas such as natural capital management, habitat and biodiversity monitoring and stocking density. 

We also have a range of UAV services to help you with surveys, mapping and high resolution data to help you assess, enhance and protect a variety of land uses. Whatever your needs, our trusted and experience specialist teams can help you meet your land management objectives in the short and long term. 

Environment and sustainability services

As part of of Food & Footprint, the environment team supports customers with everything from natural resource management, renewables and carbon management to land surveying and environmental compliance.

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Drone and geospatial services

Our experienced drone pilots and analysts can help you elevate your business. We use a range of sensors, including survey grade RGB, multi-spectral and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), along with sophisticated processing and mapping software. 

Our specialist team interpret this information, providing you with maps, data and images to give a comprehensive picture of your land, and suggested options to help you meet your management objectives, both in the short and long term. 

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Peatland code validation and verification

With over 80% of UK peatlands in a degraded state, there is an urgent need to address this decline. 

Out expert team is accredited and can now offer land managers, owners and custodians a validation and verification service, as part of the IUCN Peatland Code. 

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Carbon literacy training

Futureproof your business with carbon literacy training. Our accredited training has been designed specifically for agricultural, food and land-based businesses by SAC Consulting and Keep Scotland Beautiful. 

The one-day course will provide a recognised qualification and the same foundation knowledge to level the playing field towards the Just Transition to net zero, no matter if participants manage a farm, an SME or a global multinational.

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We work with all kinds of clients: farmers, smallholders, crofters, new entrants, estates, land owners and managers, among others within the rural sector. We will work with you to ensure that whatever diversification you are pursuing is the most suitable, successful and sustainable option for your business. 

Examples of enterprise we can support you with include: agri-tourism, rural-tourism, retail, hospitality, forestry, renewable energy, food and drink, leisure, wedding venues, event spaces, diversifying crops or livestock (especially markets for your crops/livestock), visitor experiences and activity centres. 

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Natural capital and ecosystem service assessments

Natural capital assets supply a flow of benefits to land managers and wider spciety including supply chain and catchment organisations. We can produce bespoke natural capital reports that identify assets present in an area, the current ecosystem services supplied byt them and the opportunities available to land managers, project developers and community groups that are working on place-based projects. 

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From industry publications to customer case studies and outputs from some of our special projects and research, dive into the details of our work and see our work for yourself.

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Our diverse teams of advisors and specialists cover a lot of ground. Explore our teams to see what skills, support, and specialist solutions we may be able to offer you and your business.

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Whether you are a crofter, a farmer, a rural estate or landmanager or a business looking for consultancy support, we have trusted experts to help you move your business forward.

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