SRUC has introduced a new Complaints Handling Procedure (CHP) from 31 March 2021 under the direction of the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO). All universities and colleges in Scotland are required to adopt the SPSO’s model procedure and this is also a requirement of the Scottish Funding Council’s (SFC) Financial Agreement.

Overview of the procedure

The procedure delivers a more streamlined, simpler approach to complaint handling that promotes a thorough and fair complaints process. This involves two stages:

State 1 Frontline resolution – Resolving complaints swiftly on the frontline
State 2 Investigation – Investigation where more complex or unresolved complaints arise

SRUC will deal with each stage, as far as possible, within specified timescales. You can find out more about the procedure in our CHP guide.

Making a complaint

At SRUC we are committed to providing excellence in all our services delivered through our endeavours in education, research, consultancy and professional services.

If you consider that SRUC has failed to do this, we need to know so we can put it right. We recognise that on occasion, legitimate complaints may be raised and will ensure that any lessons that may be learnt from complaints are used to continuously improve our services. To this end, we will record details, outcomes and actions in relation to the specific complaint.

If you are considering making a complaint to SRUC, please first try to raise the matter directly with the person/service area that the complaint relates to. Generally, complaints dealt with at this ‘frontline’ stage may be resolved more easily and effectively.

If a complaint cannot be resolved at the frontline, please complete the complaint form below. Please also read our CHP guide. It explains what a complaint is, how to complain to us and what we will do to investigate and respond to your complaint.

If you are a student

Our staff are here to help you, providing support, information, explanation and advice as you undertake your studies with SRUC.

If you consider we have not done this we would encourage you to contact your Faculty Office or Registry in the first instance. Please use the contact information for your individual campus to contact these. You can also speak to the Students' Association.

They have experience of supporting students with complaints and can help you to decide whether making a complaint is the best course of action, or whether another procedure may be more appropriate. They can also explain how the complaint procedure works and what the potential outcomes may be.

You can also speak to your Student Association Sabbatical Officers who will be able to offer you advice and support

If you have a complaint about SRUC Veterinary Services

SRUC Veterinary Services is committed to providing the highest quality of services to our clients, from sampling through testing to reporting results back to you. We value complaints and use the information to improve our services. Our complaints handling procedure details how to make a complaint, how we will handle your complaint and what you can expect from us.

Right of appeal

If your complaint remains unresolved after both stages of the complaints procedure have been exhausted, there is a right of appeal to the SPSO.


SRUC monitors complaints quarterly at meetings of its Executive Management Team and annually by report to the SRUC Board. Anonymous quarterly summary management reports noting complaints performance data are available below.

Complaints handling report June - Aug 2022
Complaints handling report March - May 2022
Complaints handling report Dec 2021 - Feb 2022
Complaints handling report Sep - Nov 2021
Complaints handling report June - Aug 2021
Complaints handling report March - May 2021
Complaints handling report Dec 2020 - Feb 2021
Complaints handling report Sep - Nov 2020
Complaints handling report June - Aug 2020
Complaints handling report March - May 2020
Complaints handling report Dec 2019 - Feb 2020
Complaints handling report Sep - Nov 2019
Complaints handling report June - Aug 2019

Complaints handling report 2021-22
Complaints handling report 2020-21
Complaints handling report 2019-20
Complaints handling report 2014-15
Complaints handling report 2013-14



In order to investigate the complaint it will be necessary to reveal the identity of the complainant to individuals other than the recipient of this form. Every effort will be made to ensure complaints are handled with discretion and information about individual complaints will only be shared with those who need access for a legitimate SRUC purpose.

By submitting this form you indicate that you understand that details of the complaint will be provided to individuals where this is deemed necessary by the investigating staff.

If you prefer you can also download the form and print it out.

Complaints form

Please read the above procedure and guidance and complete this form. It will enable us to investigate your complaint and address the matter as quickly as possible.

Please provide a summary of your complaint.
Please explain how you would like your complaint to be resolved.

For details on how your data is used and stored, see our privacy policy.

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