Research-backed, end-to-end sustainability solutions.

The route to net zero is different for every business, typically requiring action on equipment, processes, decision making, and business culture amongst other things. Even once these are addressed, there might be unavoidable emissions that you can’t manage out and that need to be offset. Alongside these challenges, there are huge opportunities for those willing to commit to the journey, for example efficiencies, new sources of finance, new products and markets and opportunities to differentiate. The route can seem daunting, even impossible – especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who do not have significant in-house expertise and capacity.

Our integrated sustainability offering provides the breadth and depth of consultancy needed, whilst our history and values give us invaluable on-the-ground experience and appreciation of the unique purpose and needs of land-based and food and drink businesses. Our robust and highly responsive technical expertise links the business of food production with environmental objectives. By uniquely drawing on the cutting-edge knowledge, research and technology of the wider SRUC, and combining that with an appreciation of the economic and practical realities of business, we are your full-service sustainability partner for the journey ahead.

Your Food & Footprint journey

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Working with us

We can help clients to quantify and improve the emissions of their food and drink supply chain from field to fork. Our roots are in the land-based, and food and drink sectors.

Environment and sustainability services

From carbon and biodiversity auditing or life cycle analysis, to mapping and use of remote sensing technology, our team of skilled professionals will equip your business with robust data and the insights needed to help you move forwards.
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Food & enterprise services

We work with food and drink businesses of all sizes, supporting sustainable growth through strategic marketing, product development, skills development, data and technology development, and diversification.
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Our customer successes

With collaboration at the core, our team works to create value and positive impact for a diverse client base, including SME's, public sector, rural estates and global multinationals. We work across Scotland, the UK and internationally in diverse sectors and business types such as co-operatives, processors, retailers, environmental NGO's or investors. 

Our work

From industry publication to customer case studies and outputs from some of our special projects, guidance documents and cutting-edge research, dive into the detail and see our work for yourself. 

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Working with you

Whether you are a crofter, a farmer, a rural estate or landmanager or a business looking for consultancy support, we have trusted experts to help you move your business forward.

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Our expert teams

Our diverse teams of advisors and specialists cover a lot of ground. Explore our teams to see what skills, support, and specialist solutions we may be able to offer you and your business.

Our expertise in action

What are special projects?

Explore our unique project work, from client programme delivery or collaborative partnerships to ground-breaking research and technical projects for funders.

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