The state-of-the-art GreenShed will use cattle waste products to power a methane capturing system and grow indoor crops.

Led by SRUC, the GreenShed system will also produce low-carbon fertiliser and has the potential to remove the equivalent of 237 tonnes of carbon dioxide per farm per year.

GreenShed has received nearly £3 million from the Direct Air Capture and Greenhouse Gas Removal programme, part of the UK Government’s Net Zero Innovation Portfolio.

The building of the shed, which is supported by partners at the University of Strathclyde, Agri-EPI Centre, No Pollution Industrial Systems Ltd, Galebreaker Agri, Organic Power Ireland, N2 Applied and Saturn Bioponics, commenced at SRUC’s Easter Howgate farm in 2023.

The shed’s anaerobic digestion plant will use waste cattle bedding to produce energy to run a methane capture system. Excess energy will then be used to power a vertical farm and low-carbon fertiliser system.

In practice, farmers could benefit from an additional income stream of up to £40,000 a year, while it is estimated that a 100-cattle shed using the GreenShed system could also save them £1,000 a year in fertiliser and heat energy costs.

GreenShed provides an innovative working example of how researchers, businesses and other partners can collaborate effectively to shape a more resilient, nature-positive producer supply chain that’s aligned with the aims of the national Food Strategy.

The project will allow farmers to improve their profitability, expand their saleable food products, and reduce the environmental impact of beef production.

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