The SAC Livestock Record Program is a complete management program for cattle and sheep, meeting all statutory records and management requirements.

It is user friendly and easily backed up to ensure your data is securely stored.

The Farmworks Mobile App is available for Android devices and allows statutory and management information to be recorded and synchronised with the Livestock Record Program.


We offer a variety of packages to suit individual needs.

  • Cattle only: £375 + VAT
  • Flock only: £75 + VAT
  • Sheep: £375 + VAT
  • Cattle and Flock: £450 + VAT
  • Cattle/Sheep and Flock: £525 + VAT
  • Mobile App - £30 + VAT

All packages include telephone support and software upgrades for one year.

Annual support after this period can be continued for £99 + VAT.

Submit an enquiry form below to request a free demonstration disk (which will run the full version for a 30-day evaluation period).


The Cattle option is a comprehensive piece of management software to manage your herd.

Features include:

  • Comparisons can be made with CTS Online to validate records.
  • The program links with BCMS for easy passport application and movement notification and to ScotMoves for within business movement notifications.
  • Includes full management recording capability to include veterinary records, weights and body condition score, breeding, slaughter grades, individual animal comments and financial inputs.
  • Prepare report for Scottish Suckler Beef Support Scheme claims.
  • Ability to produce an extensive range of statutory, management and performance reports.
  • Compatible with EID handheld readers and Mobile App.

The facility to run multiple herds separately on the one program can be provided for an extra £100 + VAT per herd.


The Sheep package mirrors the comprehensive cattle section and is for farmers who keep individual sheep records. The programme allows detailed recordings of births, deaths, movements and veterinary information. A full range of management information can be input and reviewed to include; growth rates, tupping details, scanning results, individual animal comments, monitoring of maternal traits as well as scrapie and pedigree information.

Financial data and slaughter information can also be recorded. An extensive range of statutory and management reports can be produced to assist in decision making to improve flock performance such as replacement selection and culling reasons.

The system is compatible with EID handheld readers, Mobile App and EID weighing and auto drafting equipment for accuracy, ease of data capture and added value.

Other packages

The Flock package allows the recording of movements, births and deaths and veterinary treatments on a batch basis, allowing the completion of the Annual Flock Record and Medicine book. The report gives animal totals in an easy to use format.

The Cattle and Flock option are the two packages combined into an easy to use format for beef and sheep farms.

The Cattle/Sheep and Flock package combines the three packages into one.

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