At SAC Consulting we have grassland management specialists who can advise on production right through to the utilisation of grass.

Starting from the soil, our specialists can offer soil health tests with measurements of soil physical, chemical and biological properties to understand how to improve your soil for better grass production.

Our grass variety trials help understand which varieties are best suited to your requirements and we can advise on best practice for successful grassland establishment.

Our FACTS and BASIS qualified local consultants can provide guidance on nutrient management and agronomy for grassland. In addition, we have grazing specialists (The GrazeUP delivery team) who can advise on improvements in grazing management and optimal strategies for stocking and feeding management based on your farm and croft’s potential. Finally, our advisors can support sampling of conserved forage and associated rationing for healthy, productive diets for your livestock.

Every farm and croft is different and our network of specialists can provide the local and technical knowledge to help you grow high quality forage.

Analysing forage

Forage is the core feed for most housed animals. The amounts and types of additional feed can only be determined once knowledge of the quality of forage being used is determined. Forage is highly variable. Using "average" figures in ration formulations can give false rations. Bought-in feed is costly and can only give economic return when used in conjunction with knowledge of the quality of the forage being used.

Forage should be tested before the start of the winter feeding program. Ideally further samples should be taken throughout the winter so that rations can be adjusted to take into account changing silage composition.

Ensuring you have the correct ration can save money, improve milk yields and milk quality and improve beef production. To assist you further, our qualified consultants can carry out rations.

Forage tests offered include:

  • Forage Analysis - Wet NIR, Calibration for Grass Silage, Maize Silage and Wholecrop
  • Silage Mineral Analysis (P, K, Mg, Ca, Na, Cu, Zn, Fe, S, B, Mn, Co, Mo & Se)
  • Hay / Haylage Energy Prediction (DM, CP, MADF, ASH, D Value, ME)
  • Grass (fresh) energy prediction (DM,CP, MADF, ASH, D value and ME)

Downloads for sampling and submitting

How to take an animal feed sample
Animal feed registration form

Recommended grass variety list

The agricultural industry in Scotland is co-operating in a scheme to ensure the continuation of the SRUC Recommended List of grass and clover varieties. The scheme, with the support of NFUS, AIC, SSTA and BSPB, involves a contribution for every kilogram of herbage seed sold.

Download the list

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