Farmers and crofters the length and breadth of Scotland know the value of their SAC Consulting subscription. SAC Consulting gives subscribers priority access to independent and knowledgeable local consultants and specialists meaning that they can make informed business and technical decisions.

Unearthed, the monthly subscriber newsletter, provides insights on industry opportunities and trends, whilst text message and e-mail alerts ensure subscribers get key information fast.

Perspectives, A bi-annual, forward thinking, agricultural and food industry-focused publication showcasing our unique positioning, connections and expertise. The magazine features articles, thought leadership and interviews which showcase emerging topics, partnerships, and innovative projects, creating food for thought for our readers.

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Finally, subscribers enjoy a discounted rate on a range of other services from SAC Consulting. All this is why, safe in the knowledge that SAC Consulting will be there to help when they need it, thousands of Scotland’s farmers and crofters choose to work with us.

"Our local advisor is consistently helpful and interested in our circumstances. This has built a trusting relationship."

"Always rewarding, with quick responses anytime I have an issue. I enjoy a good relationship with my advisor."

"They are helpful and keen to assist in improving our business."

"We have a very high regard for our consultant who helps with any problems or information we require."

"Always helpful, patient, open minded."

Features Subscription Premium subscription Croft and small farm subscription
Consultations with a consultant – up to two hours per year  
Consultations with a consultant – up to five hours per year    
Monthly ‘Unearthed’ subscriber publication – email only
Quarterly ‘Unearthed - Local’ subscriber publication – email or hard copy
Priority access for other services
Text and e-mail alerts
Discounts on other SAC Consulting services
Price per year 2023/24 £260 + VAT £635 + VAT £80.50 + VAT (£46 + VAT for Young Crofters)

For more information or to subscribe, contact your local SAC Consulting office. The croft and small farm subscription is subsidised by the Farm Advisory Service and only available to crofters and small farms. Visit the FAS website to apply.

What's included in our Unearthed newsletter?

Unearthed is a monthly newsletter full of exclusive articles and industry insights from our SAC Consultants. The newsletter is included in all tiers of the SAC subscription service.

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