We are funded through a mixture of public and private contracts to provide poultry related advice on welfare, biosecurity, organic systems and the environment to producers and poultry keepers (including keepers of 'hobby flocks') based in Scotland.

Client diversity

Our client diversity is huge and we advise keepers of hobby flocks to multinational corporations.

No job is too small and we have the experience and scale to advise on larger projects. We offer impartial advice and work alongside our researchers to disseminate the latest scientific work in improving poultry production.

Clients who subscribe to SAC have unique access to a range of services delivered by accredited consultants.

Areas of expertise

We can identify on-farm solutions for hatcheries, layers and broilers premises. It is our ambition to ensure our clients can operate at the highest welfare standards, increase their output sustainably and drive profitability.

Competition is fierce across the industry but in general, the poultry enterprises that are most effective and efficient have lower greenhouse gas emissions. The 'improving farm carbon footprint' area is one which we have particular experience in helping clients.

Learn more about our specific areas of expertise:

  1. Biosecurity
  2. Conventional, free-Range and organic
  3. Husbandry
  4. Nutrition

Technical notes

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Vet & laboratory services

Our leading experts provide support to clients in areas animal disease, diagnosis and surveillance.

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