GrazeUP is a market-leading service which combines feed and scenario planning software, FARMAX, with the expertise of SAC Consulting’s grassland specialists to support livestock enterprises to maximise pasture management for peak productivity and profit.
Suitable for beef, sheep, dairy and deer farmers in Scotland.

GrazeUP your business

We offer three levels of service to suit your business needs.

GrazeUP farm review
A one-off farm review collecting and interpreting data, delivered in a comprehensive report which identifies opportunities and potential system changes. Includes FARMAX Analysis subscription.

GrazeUP discussion group
Be part of the conversation and learn as you go. FARMAX Pro subscription with four facilitated meetings per year and benchmarking with a maximum of five farmers per group.

GrazeUP 1-to-1
FARMAX Pro subscription with a one-to-one service offering monthly monitoring, comprehensive analysis, individual support and on-farm visits.

GrazeUP will help you:

  • Quickly clarify where to best invest time and money using the multiple scenario planning tool
  • Take advantage of good growing seasons and be prepared for poor ones
  • Future-proof your business with a grazing plan that creates pre-subsidy profit
  • Optimise the balance of stock, cropping, feeds and nitrogen to reduce costs
  • Have the confidence to make key management decisions in good times and bad
  • Make important tactical changes including when to buy and sell stock; grow forage; cut silage; and reduce fertiliser use

Proven Benefit: farmers using FARMAX have performed 24-64% better than the industry average.

Testimonial – Jim Logan

Sheep and Deer Farmer, Scottish Borders

"GrazeUP allows me to see the opportunities and model how they'd work without taking any physical risks. By taking a more informed, knowledge-based approach, cost of production is down and output is up.

We’ve increased ewe numbers by 40% and reduced bought-in feed by 90%, and we've lifted our overall liveweight per hectare from 350kg to 550kg."

GrazeUP – a Service offered by SAC Consulting

Testimonial – Jamie Leslie

Shetland Livestock Farmer

"Better grassland utilisation is central to our herd health and farm profitability especially in the current economic and political climate, and the returns have demonstrated the value of the service to our business."

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