MilkNET is an internet based fully interactive dairy costing system which allows farmers to track and benchmark herd output and financial performance on a monthly basis. Herds can also be benchmarked against others based on herd size and annual yield information.

The online portal operates on the milk quota year from 1st April - 31st March and can record physical and financial information about the dairy herd. MilkNET is a portal for benchmarking total gross output from milk sales and deducts the costs of bought in feeds.

MilkNet is available for all dairy SAC subscribers, gaining an easily accessible database that can be operated by themselves and/or their consultant.

Benefits of using MilkNET

Using this portal, dairy specialists can use the information to

  • Help advise on financials

  • Provide best herd management practices

  • Help advise on rations

MilkNET pricing options

Farmers can be set up with their own username and password to access the system, input their own data and see their results. Alternatively, data input and report generation can be done by the consultant, as long as the farmer provides all the required information. Cost will therefore vary depending on consultant time.

Annual prices

Prices start from £100 per annum for full use of the MilkNet portal.

Contract prices

These contracts range from £250 to £1,850 per annum.

The contract can include services such as:

  • data checks
  • bi-monthly meetings from a dairy consultant
  • ration formulation
  • analysis and dairy group benchmarking

Like many SAC products the programme is constantly evolving to meet the needs of farmers and help improve their performance. If you are involved in dairy cow management this is an important tool for your toolbox.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Trial MilkNet for 30 days free*

Using MilkNET

The portal is very user friendly and the required input sheets are easily operated.

The system records milk produced, along with composition and hygiene quality, changes in cow numbers and calvings, concentrate feed used and feed costs. From this information monthly changes in milk output and income can be tracked.

Key financial measures such as margin over purchased feeds and concentrates per cow and per litre are calculated. This allows assessment of milk production efficiency and identify if there are areas for improvement. Reports can be produced to show monthly results, rolling 12-month results and a monthly comparison (with the same month last year).

Other dairy expenses can be inputted into the system such as variable costs (vet, AI/semen, straw/bedding, other) to produce a gross margin report.

A milk forecasting tool is available to predict milk output based on future cow and heifer calvings and culling information.

Additional reports can be produced to look at fertiliser usage and cost which can be calculated for silage and grazing and per forage hectare. A health report section allows you to record mastitis, lameness and metabolic cases per month. Culling date can also be inputted (total culls as well as culls for mastitis, lameness and fertility).


View a sample report from MilkNET

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