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Turnaround times

MV/CAE/EAE/Johne’s disease tests normally take 5-17 working days, with delays possible during very busy periods. Please help us to achieve turnaround times by making sure you have filled in the necessary paperwork.

Required testing for MV/CAE accredited flocks

All bought in accredited animals must be tested 6-12 months after arrival. We recommend a point of purchase test too (not mandatory). 

When added animal testing is performed at the same time as your routine periodic blood tests, please remember that these animals are in addition to the calculated number required for the routine test.

Imported animals under a non-UK Scheme, as well as imported semen/embryos, must be kept isolated until authorised by PSGHS.

Non-MV/CAE accredited animals must be isolated and pass two QT at 12 months of age and older before joining your flock.

Sample requirements

Each disease has a set of different sample requirements. Please download our PSGHS quick guide for more information. All samples should be sent to St Boswells following Royal Mail guidelines.

PSGHS blood samples – please use red top tubes. Samples should be dispatched to us within 48 hours of collection and refrigerated until dispatch.
Testing for multiple diseases – Where testing dates coincide and samples are being submitted for EAE and MV/CAE, a single sample from each animal is sufficient, but the correct blood test information sheets must be completed for each.
Abortion material – PSGHS abortion material from members of the EAE accreditation should also go to the local SRUC Veterinary Services or APHA Centre that you normally use.
Non-Health Scheme testing – Please provide an extra blood sample/animal if you require non-Health Scheme tests done along with your Health Scheme tests. If you are importing animals, please contact PSGHS.
Scrapie – Scrapie genotyping requires an EDTA blood sample in purple blood tubes. For more information visit our Scrapie monitoring page.

Testing, submission and other forms

If this is your first health schemes test we require our membership application form to be completed and returned with the samples. We cannot process the samples without this form.

Price list, scheme rules and guides

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Monitoring schemes

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