Each year vast sums of money are spent in establishing, maintaining and managing grassland and it is essential that the proper standards for providing and maintaining these efficiently, environmentally and cost-effectively are met.

Backed by our turf research and education programmes at SRUC, our experienced team have over 40 years' experience in ensuring these standards are met, providing well-informed, technically proficient and independent consultancy advice to a wide range of clients.

Services include:

  • Site investigation/assessment
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Design to Construction
  • Turf Care & Advice
  • Troubleshooting
  • Drainage & Irrigation
  • Agronomic assessments

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SAC Consulting

Our consultants in 25 offices across Scotland and northern England turn research into advice and advantage for business and public sector alike.

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Contact Consulting

Contact our team and benefit from their experience and expertise.

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Vet & laboratory services

Our leading experts provide support to clients in areas animal disease, diagnosis and surveillance.

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