The Challenge

In a difficult landscape where the importance of student mental health and wellbeing is being acknowledged globally, SRUC is taking significant steps to prioritise the mental health of our students and are proud to announce the launch of our new Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

This is testament to our unwavering commitment to students’ holistic development by addressing any challenges respectfully and implementing where possible, personalised solutions.  We aim to create an educational environment where mental health is not only prioritised but also woven into the fabric of our institution’s identity.

This strategy reflects our commitment to nurturing resilient empowered and mentally healthy individuals who can thrive in both their academic pursuits, employment and personal lives.


  • Prevention: Preventing poor mental health by finding the problems early and ensuring students have access to the information that will increase their skills and self-awareness, self-care and hopefully build resilience.

  • Communication and Guidance: Investing in a training programme that helps foster a supportive, open, institutional wide culture whilst creating educational resources to help build and enhance student resilience.

  • Belonging and Engagement: Fostering a welcoming and friendly institution that values student voice, putting their wellbeing at the heart of the culture and our strategic objectives whilst promoting an environment of belonging.

  • Data and Evaluation: Making use of our data to evaluate and improve what we offer and explore innovative and inclusive approaches to gaining student insights of their lived experience to remove barriers to partnership and participation.

  • General and Specialist Support: Recognising the broad aspects of wellbeing and the connected elements of the social, emotional, physical, and environmental factors and the difference between the support on offer.


Our Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy can be found below.  This is available in colour or grayscale format

Colour version

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Grayscale version

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