Winner of the 2023 Environmental Sustainability Award


About Reuben:

On completing his honours year, Reuben moved on to work for several organisations, all with an environmental or community focus to their work. From early work on climate change adaptation to facilitating workshops and events for children Reuben progressed to founding his first community venture, acting as Chair for South Seeds in Glasgow. After a year in post, he went on to found and lead Locavore, a social enterprise which exists to help build a more sustainable local food system which is better for the economy, the environment, and the local community. This includes the running of local food shops, community kitchens, gardening projects, cookery classes and getting people more engaged in thinking about issues around food, where it comes from, and the fairness and sustainability of mainstream supply chains. Having been at the helm since 2011, Reuben has grown the brand and overseen the expansion of Locavore both geographically and in terms of the breadth of their services. 

What the judges said:

Impressive achievements of delivery, growing the business effectively and a clear vision for the future. This is a fantastic example of the opportunity to grow a Community Interest Company (CIC), being an ambassador for short supply chains, reduction of waste and the ability to respond to a local market. Exciting to see where Locavore goes next. 


What Reuben said:

"It’s wonderful to be presented with this award. It’s really nice to be remembered, and it will be lovely having the award on display in one of our shops.”

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