Chewing the cud at rotational grazing event

Farmers will be able to learn about rotational grazing at a virtual conference (image: James Drummond)

All things grass will come under the spotlight at a conference organised by SRUC to look at the science and practice of rotational grazing.

The Graze Debate will bring together farmers and experts to discuss the use of rotational grazing in different environments; how to plan, start and monitor this form of grazing; and the science behind the practice.

The virtual event, which takes place over four evenings from Monday 15 February, is aimed at those wishing to start rotational grazing and follows on from the first successful event held in November 2019.

On the first evening, farmers Tom Stobart from Penrith, James Drummond from Northumberland and Colina Humphrey from Stirling, will talk about how they got started with rotational grazing, their different approaches to suit their land and objectives, and the challenges they have faced.

It will be followed by a session on Tuesday 16 February, led by consultants Poppy Frater, Daniel Stout and Lorna Galloway from SAC Consulting - part of SRUC, looking at setting up rotational grazing systems; sourcing and planning the infrastructure; and how to monitor, manage and adapt to the system.

The third evening on Wednesday 17 February will feature four experts talking about the science behind rotational grazing.

Dr Aurelie Aubry, a senior sheep researcher at the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute in Northern Ireland (AFBINI) will present some trial data comparing sheep performance on different paddock systems; Dr Sarah Morgan, from Rothamstead, will compare rotational grazing with set stocking; Dr Claire Morgan-Davies, from SRUC’s Hill and Mountain Research Centre, will discuss the use of virtual fencing collars in cattle; and Dr Katherine Tozer, from AgResearch in New Zealand, will talk about the value of deferred grazing to pasture productivity.

The final evening on Thursday 18 February will offer a chance to talk about all things grass with the SAC Consulting team.

Each session will run from 7-9pm with time for questions and answers at the end of the evening.

Poppy Frater, Sheep and Grassland Specialist at SAC Consulting, said: “Rotational Grazing has proven benefits to reduce the feeding and fertiliser costs for livestock and maximise production per hectare.

“It is great to have the opportunity to bring together this wealth of experience and practical knowledge to help farmers apply rotational grazing with confidence.

“The sessions, which will be delivered through Zoom, are designed to provide ample time for speaker interactions.”

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Posted by SRUC on 18/01/2021

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