Course Dates: 4 June or 1 October 2024

Location: SRUC Disease Surveillance Centre, St Mary's Industrial Estate, Dumfries, GD1 1DX 

Price: £336 (including VAT)

SRUC Veterinary Services offer a practical training course for vets or members of the vet lead team on livestock parasitological techniques. The training will be delivered by SRUC’s Post Mortem Support Officers with experience in parasitological techniques. Sessions will cover the demonstration and performance of the McMaster technique, the microscopic observation and identification of gastrointestinal nematodes eggs and coccidian oocysts of sheep and cattle and the faecal sedimentation technique used to detect fluke eggs. The aim of the course is to train veterinary team members to deliver accurate, repeatable parasitology results that can inform sustainable control of key parasite diseases in herds and flocks.   

Course content

  • The principle of the McMaster technique
  • The performance of the McMaster technique (with and/or without centrifuge)
  • The microscopic observation of the McMaster slide
  • The identification of gastrointestinal nematodes eggs and coccidian oocysts in livestock
  • An introduction to result interpretation

Tutors (subject to availability)

  • Jacquelyn Burgess, SRUC Post Mortem Support Officer
  • Tina Fitzsimon, SRUC Post Mortem Support Officer
  • Heather Stevenson, SRUC Veterinary Investigation Officer

To ensure participants obtain adequate practical experience during the course, places are limited to 6 delegates.


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