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The eduroam (education roaming) service provides secure wireless access for SRUC students and staff, as well as visitors from other organisations that are part of the eduroam federation, across all of SRUC's campuses. 

SRUC users are also able to use the eduroam wireless service hosted at other eduroam member sites worldwide.

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Please note

Whilst using eduroam you are bound by the acceptable use policies of both the visited and visiting organisations as well as the eduroam(UK) policy. For example, SRUC staff or students visiting other organisations are bound by the SRUC acceptable use policy, the acceptable use policy of the site they are visiting and the eduroam(UK) policy.

Vistors to SRUC must follow the SRUC acceptable use policy, their home organisation's acceptable use policy and the eduroam(UK) policy.

Failure to adhere to these could result in disciplinary procedures.

The eduroam service will be available to SRUC staff and students during their employment or studies. Users are required to remove the eduroam profile from devices upon completion of studies or end of employment.


SRUC Acceptable Use policy - Staff & Contractors

SRUC Acceptable Use policy - Students

Eduroam(UK) Usage policy

Additional information for accessing and using eduroam