Tissue biochemistry - Selenium

Interpretation of Liver Selenium Concentrations in Cattle and Sheep
Adequate > 0.9 mg/kg DM (cattle & sheep)
Borderline 0.4-0.9mg/kg DM (cattle) OR 0.5-0.9mg/kg DM (sheep)
Deficient < 0.4 mg/kg DM (cattle) or < 0.5 mg/kg DM (sheep)

Means within the borderline range indicate a probability of trace element-responsive disorder that increases with proximity to the lower limit, while values above the band do not. Data are limited on tissue marginal bands however the above is based on the best available evidence.
Reference: The use of blood analysis to evaluate trace mineral status in ruminant livestock - Herdt and Hoff (2011)

  • Price: £33.39
  • Species: Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Pigs
  • Disease/presentation: Metabolic disease
  • Test type: Biochemistry
  • Sample type(s): Liver, Kidney

Further Information

UKAS Accreditation Status: Accredited

Turnaround Time: 4 working days

SRUC VS Product Code(s): 1060650

Tissue biochemistry - Selenium

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