IBR antibody (marker vaccinated animals - milk)

This test is cheaper for members of the Premium Cattle Health Scheme. For more information on the benefits of PCHS membership, please follow this link: Premium Cattle Health Scheme | SRUC

Interpretation of IBR-gE (bulk milk)
S/N% >80% - Negative
S/N% </= 80% - Positive

Please note that this is a blocking antibody ELISA test and the greater the level of antibody in the sample the lower the S/N% result.

  • Price: £11.02
  • Species: Cattle
  • Disease/presentation: Respiratory disease
  • Test type: Serology
  • Sample type(s): Milk

Further Information

UKAS Accreditation Status: Not accredited

Turnaround Time: 7 working days

SRUC VS Product Code(s): 1072255

IBR antibody (marker vaccinated animals - milk)

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