Survey seeks farmers’ views on GHG emission reduction

Farmers are being asked to complete a survey to help reduce methane emissions.


Beef and dairy farmers are being asked for their views on the role of precision livestock farming technologies in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Researchers at SRUC have shared a survey about enteric methane emissions – the single largest source of direct GHG in beef and dairy systems – as part of the EU-funded GrASTech project.

The project, led by Belgian colleagues ILVO (Flanders research institute for agriculture, fisheries and food), focuses on the management of grassland and grazing cattle to reduce GHG emissions.

It aims to identify best management practices and precision livestock farming (PLF) technologies - both to support management decisions that directly target GHG mitigation and to reduce technical inefficiencies such as ill health, infertility and deaths, that increase emissions intensity indirectly.

The anonymous survey will take around ten minutes to complete.

Posted by SRUC on 16/05/2022

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