Remembering a giant of the Green Revolution

In the wake of his recent death at the grand age of 98, the New York Times obituary for Professor MS Swaminathan labelled him the “scientist who helped conquer famine in India”.…

  • Wayne Powell
  • 09/10/2023
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Small Business Innovation Drives Growth

Scotland’s agrifood sector has many small vibrant, often family, businesses that sustain communities and innovate to drive that all-important economic growth.  This innovation and enterprise creation strengthens industry resilience and helps to ensure these businesses grow and develop to support the next generation. …

  • Sascha Grierson and Ceri Ritchie
  • 03/08/2023
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Diversification: Maximising Opportunities for Your Farming Future

Diversification continues to be a key contributor supporting farm business income and is likely to play a crucial role in the future sustainability of Scottish agriculture. …

  • SRUC
  • 28/07/2023
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Embracing nature-based opportunities

It is expected that nature and biodiversity will follow in the footsteps of carbon, with businesses encouraged (and potentially required) to measure and report on their impacts. At SAC Consulting, we are monitoring the development of this space so that we can help our clients navigate the evolving landscape.…

  • Brady Stevens & Ceri Ritchie
  • 17/04/2023
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SRUC Alliance for the Natural Economy Forum – Reflections #2

The second of the Alliance for the Natural Economy Forum dinners, convened by SRUC, was held on 28 March at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.…

  • Peter Smyth and Susannah Bolton 
  • 05/04/2023
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Spring into action: Taking advantage of key food and drink trends in 2023

In the food and drink sector, consumers are looking for ‘joy in food’ in 2023, so how can you maximise the impact of this trend for your business?  …

  • Ceri Ritchie
  • 02/03/2023
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Diversification guide outlines steps to starting a new business

SAC Consulting – part of Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), has created a Land-based tourism toolkit outlining different types of businesses, recommended skills and relevant course providers. The toolkit, which was funded by the University Innovation Fund, is divided into six sections which can be downloaded for free from SRUC’s website.…

  • SRUC
  • 08/12/2022
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SRUC Alliance for the Natural Economy Forum

In this blog piece by Dr Susannah Bolton, she reflects on a dinner held at Scotland House, in the City of London, where SRUC convened a group of people to discuss what a “just transition to a natural economy” really means.…

  • Dr Susannah Bolton
  • 01/12/2022
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Understanding the diversification opportunity

What does diversification do for farming businesses? It can mean different things.…

  • SRUC
  • 22/09/2022
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A time to shine for diversified farming businesses

Following the success of the inaugural award in 2021, AgriScot, in partnership with SAC Consulting, has today launched the 'AgriScot Diversified Farm of the Year 2022' award.…

  • SRUC
  • 25/07/2022
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Diversification award goes to Newton Farm

A farm which offers visitors the chance to walk alpacas, feed the animals and groom a highland cow has received a new diversification award.…

  • SRUC
  • 09/02/2022
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Going against the grain

A farm which lets visitors take alpacas for a walk and another which uses a converted grain silo as part of a stunning wedding venue are among the finalists in a new diversification award.…

  • SRUC
  • 22/11/2021
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