They’re an important crop for Scotland and quite easy for new gardeners. That’s why Dandelion chose these tasty tubers for the school growing initiative.  250,000 seed potatoes have been sent to 464 primary and secondary schools across the country. Pupils can grow them at school or at home and take part in the Big Tattie Experiment Scotland’s biggest ever community-led growing experiment. 

Download the free Totally Tatties guide to get started growing with tatties and find ideas for fun tattie-related activities.

Fancy having a grow too?

Potatoes are usually classed according to how long they take to grow.

  • ‘Early’ potatoes 10 – 12 weeks. They are quick to grow but yield the least. They can be planted out from mid-April to June
  • ‘Second earlies’ 14 – 16 weeks. Can be planted from mid-April to May.
  • ‘Main crop’ potatoes 15 – 22 weeks. Theses take longer but grow large and give the maximum yield. Can be planted from mid-April to May.

After that, you can choose your potatoes based on texture (waxy, smooth or floury); on suitability for your soil type or climate; as well as for flavour and colour. This variation makes potatoes a versatile choice for home-cooking. Whatever you choose, you can expect a 1kg of seed potatoes to yield around 10-20kg of fresh potatoes. If you have space to grow a selection, then you can stagger your planting to provide harvests from July through to October.

They key is to delay planting outside until the risk of heavy frosts has passed, and the ground has warmed a little. So, from mid-April for the warmer, west coast; the second week of May for most of the country; and early June for colder areas inland, on higher ground.


Chitting your seed potatoes lets them sprout a little bit from their ‘eyes’. It’s not totally necessary but can give them a head start while the weather and soil warm up.

Place them, eyes uppermost, in a bright but cool place out of direct sunlight. Old egg cartons are ideal for this. When sprouts develop to 2cm long, the potatoes are ready to plant out. It’s ok if they end up a little longer too.