Knowledge and control of Johne's

  • Address production (and therefore income) losses that inevitably result from the disease.
  • Optimise cull cow price by timely removal from the herd
  • Potentially reduce the number of forced culls
  • Address the negative animal welfare implications associated with the disease.
  • Potentially increase the value of breeding stock for sale

Impact on a suckler herd

Annual cost of Johne's disease in a 100 cow suckler herd - spring calving with an average calf weaning weight of 270 kg.

Description Calculation Annual Cost
Two fewer weaned calves at forecast sale value of £540 (£2/kg). Production costs are assumed to be £54 / head. 2 calves x £486 £3972
5 lighter calves at weaning 5 calves x (36kg x £2) £360
5 additional female replacements @ £1000 / head less 3 culls @ £600 / head (5 x £1000) - (3 x £600) £3200

Typical total annual cost for 100 cow suckler herd infected with Johne's disease



Source: Economic Impact of Health and welfare Issues in Beef Cattle and Sheep in England. EBLEX_Final Report_170413

Impact on a dairy herd

A US study found that Johne's infected animals:

  • Gave on average 4,000 kg less milk in their lifetime
  • Were 5 times more likely to be lame
  • Were 2 times more likely to develop mastitis / SCC problems
  • Were 1.8 x more likely to develop digestive problems

Source: Villarano M.A. and Jordan E.R. (2005). Production effects of MAP in dairy cows. Proceedings of International Johne's conference.

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