Ireland’s remote working hubs network could benefit Scotland

Researchers at SRUC have been awarded nearly £12,500 to look at the development of more than 300 remote working hubs in rural Ireland over the past decade and explore the scope for a similar model in Scotland. …

  • SRUC
  • 12/02/2024
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Embracing Industrial Strategy: Pioneering High-Value Manufacturing in Food and Drink

With a UK General Election expected this year, industrial policy – the concept of direct government intervention to boost particular sectors of the economy – is moving into the spotlight.…

  • Wayne Powell
  • 30/01/2024
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The Entrepreneurial Campus

Scotland’s Chief Entrepreneur Mark Logan and co-author of the Entrepreneurial Campus Blueprint Report Ross Tuffee met Wayne Powell, Carol Langston, Teresa Shutter and Susannah Bolton to discuss The Entrepreneurial Campus report commissioned by the Scottish Government and launched by the First Minister in June.…

  • Susannah Bolton
  • 02/08/2023
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Innovators wanted to help boost rural economy

Businesses and entrepreneurs are being sought to take up residence in a multi-million pound innovation centre creating new links between science and industry in rural Scotland.…

  • SRUC
  • 19/05/2023
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SRUC Alliance for the Natural Economy Forum – Reflections #2

The second of the Alliance for the Natural Economy Forum dinners, convened by SRUC, was held on 28 March at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.…

  • Peter Smyth and Susannah Bolton 
  • 05/04/2023
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Digital Dairy Chain announces £2 million competition fund

Technology start-ups and businesses are invited to apply for funds to transform the dairy industry across South & West Scotland or Cumbria. …

  • SRUC
  • 27/03/2023
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Is growing potatoes sustainable and profitable?

Potatoes are an amazingly versatile food and an important part of our culture in Scotland. But is growing potatoes sustainable and profitable?…

  • Dr Phil Burgess
  • 23/01/2023
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Agriculture Bill provides just transition opportunity, but only if we embrace innovation

I see opportunity, particularly for rapid growth in our natural economy – but only if we take steps to act quickly, decisively and with ambition.…

  • Prof Wayne Powell, Principal and CEO, SRUC
  • 13/12/2022
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Breathing life back into Scotland’s neglected crofts

SAC Consulting, part of SRUC, has recognised that legislation surrounding crofting is presenting barriers to succession planning and the team has been helping individuals to better understand their options, to maximise the potential of their croft and to support the next generation get a foot hold in the industry.…

  • SRUC
  • 05/12/2022
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SRUC support for staff and students during cost of living crisis

SRUC is committed to supporting staff and students through the cost of living crisis and helping members of our community navigate these challenging times.…

  • Caroline Bysh
  • 17/11/2022
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Rethinking food strategies and the implications for food-hubs

Agriculture and food production are witnessing major changes, especially around how food is produced. …

  • Nicola Holden
  • 06/10/2022
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Integrated Carbon Farming not all about trees

In light of the Scottish Government’s legal commitment to reaching Net zero emissions by 2045 there is increasing reference to, and interest in, ‘carbon farming’. …

  • Christine Beaton
  • 04/10/2022
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