New SAHPS Mobile App

The SRUC Veterinary Services team is delighted to offer you a new easy to use mobile phone app for beef farmers. We are offering the app to PCHS & PSGHS members at a heavily discounted price if you sign up before 15th September 2021 (further details below).

The app, which is available through the Google Play Store and Apple Store, is linked to SRUC’s existing SAHPS (Animal Health Planning System) software, but can also be used as a useful stand-alone tool. Users can easily record valuable beef herd performance and health data while out on the farm and this data is automatically shared with the farm vet. 

Another benefit of the app is that you do not need an internet connection to record data – data can be entered while offline and then is automatically uploaded to SAHPS and BCMS systems when Wi-Fi or mobile data becomes available, making the app useful in scenarios where no Wi-Fi or mobile signal is available. 

The app is linked to the British Cattle Movement System (BCMS), so that relevant cattle records can be updated instantly.   Please note that you will need to contact BCMS for a username and password that allows the data to be synced with the SAHPS app (this is not the same as the password used to record cattle movements through BCMS/CTS).

Information recorded by the app includes: 

  • Bulls in/out dates
  • Calving data
  • Movements, births, deaths and upload to BCMS
  • Disease incidents and production data
  • Animal treatments, vaccinations etc. creating the E-medicine book 

Alongside this, the SAHPS website allows you to view and analyse data and benchmark anonymously with other farms. Data sharing and collaboration between farmer and vet makes it easier to agree and plan herd management priorities to improve health status and performance.  

The SAHPS website and SAHPS app have been fully funded to date by the Scottish Government so it is free for Scottish vet practices and farmers and available to the rest of the UK for a competitive subscription. 

  • If you are an existing SAHPS member you can download the SAHPS app through Google Play Store or Apple Store and use your SAHPS logon details to access the app for free

  • If you are not an existing SAHPS member and you are interested in accessing the desktop health planning tool alongside access to the app you can contact us or get in touch with your vet

  • If you are interested in using the app as a stand-alone tool visit the sign up page to get started. PCHS members who sign up before 15th September will also receive a discount on the first year's membership, for only £55 (ex VAT) instead of the regular fee of £200 (ex VAT).  Use your CPH number that is registered under your PCHS or PSGHS account when signing up to receive your discount. If this does not work for you please contact us to resolve the issue

You can find a walkthrough of the new app on Youtube.

Contact us today for more information and a free no obligation SAHPS and or app viewing

For further information visit: 

Tel: 0131 5353130

Posted by SRUC Veterinary Services on 15/03/2021

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