BVDFree Database


Currently in England, there is no one place where you can look up the BVD status of an animal or herd. In order to try and rectify this, CHECS and BVDFree England are working together by seeking permission from farmers who are CHECS accredited for BVD in England to enable their CHECS health scheme to upload the farm’s BVD status to the BVDFree England database.

By giving permission for your CHECS BVD accreditation status and CPH number to be shared with BVDFree England, you will be helping to ensure that the industry has a more robust view of the BVD status of holdings in England. In turn this will support the need for mandatory control of BVD in England to protect herds like yours from transmission. In addition, it will allow potential purchasers to search for your CPH number via the BVDFree England database and see that you are BVD negative (no further information will be shared). There will be no charge for adding your CPH number and accredited status to the BVDFree England database.

Click here to give permission.

Posted by SRUC Veterinary Services on 09/11/2023

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