Forestry is defined as the science and practice of all tree management and includes:

  • Forest and woodland management
  • Arboriculture
  • Urban forestry
  • Environmental forestry and research
  • Education and training in all these fields

Forests and woodland are an important resource for timber, amenity and recreation, tourism and biodiversity.

Forestry focuses on the management of forests and woodland, from planting through to thinning and felling.

Arboriculture centres on the cultivation, management and care for individual trees, or groups of trees, with the primary aim of maintaining them for amenity purposes.

SRUC Forestry and Arboriculture graduates can expect a great deal of employment opportunities with a well-rounded education in these respective areas.

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Scottish Forestry Technology Centre

With the major expansion of Scotland's forestry sector, the need to manage this renewable resource and the significant investment in the region's wood processing sector has created demand for suitably qualified people to grow and harvest these trees that the sector needs.

Forests are an important part of the rural economy as well as being an important habitat resource for plants and wildlife. Trees in a variety of locations help combat climate change as well as being widely recognised as providing benefits for health, wellness, and recreation. Skilled people are needed to work in a range of jobs, to help maintain, manage, and utilise forests, woodlands and trees in both rural and urban settings.

SRUC Barony, Dumfries has excellent facilities and equipment ranging from the Scottish Forest Industry Technology Centre (SFITC), tree nursery and arboretum with access to specialist machinery like our sawmill, simulators, and technology such as drones and decay detection equipment.

We use our own 25 hectares of forest and estate woodlands as well as our long-established relationship with local landowners for a range of activities from tree felling to forest surveying.

These facilities are used to enable a wide range of forestry and arboriculture courses, many of which are run in partnership with organisations such as John Deere ForestryPonsse, Forest and Land Scotland and a range of other local businesses.

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