Wild about food

Master brewer Tore Jørgensen (photo by Andreas Mikkel).


A Danish beer brewed without hops and fermented using wild airborne yeasts will give Scottish businesses food for thought at a webinar next month.

In an event organised by SRUC, master brewer Tore Jørgensen will explain how Herslev Bryghus’s MARK Hø beer is made on the island of Zealand using organic barley, as well as hay and thistles, fruits from the brewery garden and water from the local spring.

The Wild Food for Sustainability webinar will also hear why Pelle AnØby Andersen, who leads an organisation branding Danish food abroad, takes an interest in foraging to the extent he has created an oyster festival, and from Gutti Winther – a renowned Faroese chef – who will talk about how wild foods have inspired a wave of new food innovation in the North Atlantic.

In addition, attendees will learn the latest from Scotland’s wild food sector - not only to show how wild foods can increase revenue in rural businesses but also be a piece in the puzzle for a more resilient and sustainable Scottish food system.

Mads Fischer-Moller, Professor of Food Policy at SRUC, said: “I have seen the food sector in my native country Denmark, a highly-arable country with limited biodiversity, benefit tremendously from taking a bet on wild foods. Scotland has so much wilderness to explore gastronomically, let’s make the most of it.”

Ceri Ritchie from SAC Consulting, who co-created the event with Mads, said: “Given the increased interest in local food and drink and the local environment, it makes sense to highlight not only the business opportunities the wild food sector can provide, but also how we can be inspired to make our food system more healthy, sustainable and profitable.”

Wild Food for Sustainability will be held on Thursday 10 June, 10:30am to 12 noon. To find out more and sign up, visit Eventbrite. Further webinars can be found on our Food & drink page.

Posted by SRUC on 20/05/2021

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