The graze debate

An award-winning farmer will be among the experts discussing the impact of different grazing methods on soil health and animal performance at a conference next month.

Charley Walker and his wife Andrea were named 2019 Grassland Farmers of the Year by Farmers Weekly last week.

He will be speaking at the Graze Debate, an event organised by SAC Consulting – part of Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) – to bring together the science and practice of rotational grazing methods.

Professor Christine Watson, a soil and systems scientist at SRUC, Professor Tommy Bowland, Associate Professor of Ruminant Nutrition at University College Dublin, and Mike Evans, resident in Small Ruminant Health Management at the University of Edinburgh’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, will discuss the most up-to-date science on soil carbon and animal health and performance with respect to grazing techniques.

Farmers Graham Lofthouse and Rob Havard will give contrasting perspectives on rotational grazing, from the paddock grazing methods practised at Bankhouse Farm in the Scottish Borders, to holistic grazing with longer rest periods at Phepson farm in Worcestershire.

Charley, from Barnside Farm in the Scottish Borders, will join Jack Keeys, from New Zealand-based software company FARMAX, to discuss how both grazing methods can be brought together at the farm level for long-term sustainability and performance.

SAC Consulting Sheep and Grassland Specialist Poppy Frater and Jamie Leslie, from Scholland Farm on Shetland, will address strategies to make more from grass in challenging environments.

Poppy, who is chairing the event, said: This conference aims to bring together two schools of thought on grazing management to help us understand what practices might work best for Scottish farmers.”

The Graze Debate was held at the Dewars Centre in Perth on Monday 25 November from 10am to 3pm.

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Posted by SRUC on 07/10/2019

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