SRUCBytes: new tech training episodes for everyone

Digital technologies are a great opportunity for natural economy sector businesses now and in the future.


Season one of SRUCBytes - eight short 20-25 minute watch-and-learn tech-training episodes on innovative technologies in the rural sector - has been launched with new episodes coming every fortnight.

Dr Hannah Rudman, Senior Challenge Research Fellow at SRUC, who has created the training sessions supported by SAC Consulting colleagues, said: “We all love to talk about digital technologies as easier, better, faster ways to do things.

"SRUCBytes episodes provide an explanation of the basics of the tech and give us insight into how new tech is actually being deployed in the natural economy sector and the real benefits it achieves.

"Tech training around new technologies is important for everyone, as digital transformation introduces it more into our everyday work and lives.”

The technology explanations will give people insight into what they actually do and how they do it, with episodes showcasing how it is being deployed in the natural economy sector and the real benefits it achieves.

Episode one, for example, helps you learn the tech basics about distributed ledger technologies (DLT – aka blockchain), and its main benefits in the agri-food sector. In the episode, you find out how a group of Scottish farmers used DLT to provide more traceability and quality-assurance around their gluten free oats.

Episode two helps you learn the main concepts of machine learning and its relationship to deep learning, big data and AI. You get to hear about SRUC’s machine learning capabilities and some of the projects researchers are doing using deep learning techniques.

The episodes are available online to be watched anytime and anywhere. The training videos are for everyone - students, sector professionals and staff. Watch, learn, enjoy!

Posted by SRUC on 25/05/2021

Tags: Agriculture, Technology, Biodiversity
Categories: Consulting and Commercial