Chicken wings its way to charities

"Fareshare staff sort donated food items"

Food banks, school breakfast clubs and homeless shelters have benefitted from a massive 1.4 tonne donation of chicken from Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC).

The meat, which included 600kg of whole chicken, 250kg of chicken legs and 615kg of chicken breasts, was donated by SRUC from its carcass evaluation unit on the Auchincruive Estate in South Ayrshire.

The chicken was donated to FareShare – a charity which aims to relieve food poverty and reduce food waste in the UK by redistributing nutritious, in-date and safe to eat food.

Every week it donates food to 11,000 frontline charities and community groups across the UK – enough food to create almost a million meals for vulnerable people.

SRUC’s donation went to more than 100 charity and community groups across Glasgow and the West of Scotland including hostels, day centres, lunch clubs, addiction agencies, young people’s projects and refugee centres.

Colin MacEwan, Director of Commercialisation and Innovation, said: “At this difficult time, SRUC is doing all it can to support and help the community though the wide range of mechanisms it has at its disposal including accommodation, labs, skills and products.

“We were put in touch with FareShare through the Trussell Trust which manages foodbanks nationally and have donated 1.4 tonnes of chicken to frontline charities at this crucial time when the supply of safe, nutritious food to vulnerable people is at risk.”

Teresa McGoldrick, Food Officer at FareShare Scotland, said: “The team at FareShare Glasgow and the West of Scotland is enormously grateful for the donation of high-quality chicken from Scotland’s Rural College.

“This food will be hugely welcomed by the hundreds of community organisations we serve supporting the elderly and vulnerable at home during this very difficult time.

“This generous donation means vulnerable people will be able to cook healthy and nourishing meals at home and not worry about the prospect of having no food and no means to get any. That is the amazing difference this donation and others make to the lives of people in our communities.”

The donations are part of a range of activities SRUC is implementing to support and help the wider community.

It is also working with local councils and other organisations to support those in need by providing emergency accommodation within student halls; using labs for additional testing; putting staff forward for volunteering roles; and identifying personal protective equipment (PPE) that can be returned for use in the community.

Posted by SRUC on 17/04/2020

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