Guidance for our MV/CAE accredited members who are purchasing animals

As sheep sales are underway, we wanted to take the opportunity to remind our MV/CAE scheme members of the rules for purchased animals that are added to an accredited flock/herd.

Please see the guidance below, further information can be found in our Quick Reference Guide.

If you buy MV Accredited animals 

  • They must be tested 6-12 months after arrival to your holding (we recommend at point of purchase too but this is not mandatory)
  • When added animal testing is performed at the same time as your routine periodic blood test, please remember that these animals are in addition to the calculated number required for the routine test

These points above will ensure careful monitoring of added animals as they are the biggest risk of introducing infection.

If you buy non-MV accredited animals (i.e. any that are not MV accredited and this includes MV ‘tested’)

  • Non-accredited animals must be isolated on arrival and pass two qualifying tests at 12 months of age and older before joining flock.

Posted by SRUC Veterinary Services on 20/08/2020