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Graze Debate II - Is Rotational Grazing for you?

This virtual conference is for those debating whether rotational grazing is for them and looking to understand more about it. We have farmers, scientists and SAC Consulting advisors lined up to talk through the most successful grazing approaches in different environments, give an overview of recent applied research and a comprehensive 'how to' of the ins and outs of rotational grazing.

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The conference will be held over the week commencing February 15th, 7-9pm Monday to Thursday and the schedule is as follows:

Day 1 (February 15, 7-9pm): Rotational grazing in different environments
Tom Stobart, Croglin High Hall, Penrith
James Drummond, Lemmington Hill Head, Northumberland
Colina Humphrey, Grainston Farm Dunblane

Day 2 (February 16, 7-9pm): How to…
Daniel Stout: Start rotational grazing in the Spring
Lorna Galloway: Source and plan infrastructure
Poppy Frater: Monitor, Manage and Adapt

Day 3 (February 17, 7-9pm): Rotational Grazing Science
Aurelie Aubry (AFBINI): Sheep paddock grazing trials from Northern Ireland
Sarah Morgan (Rothamstead): Rotational grazing v set stocking trial at North Wyke, Devon
Claire Morgan-Davies (SRUC Kirkton): NoFence trials at SRUC, Scotland
Katherine Tozer (AgResearch): Deferred grazing trials from New Zealand

Day 4 (February 18, 7-9pm): Finale – join us for grass chat
The SAC Consulting team available to chat all things grazing-related.

Posted by SRUC Veterinary Services on 12/02/2021

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