Hi I'm
Dr Marina Martinez-Alvaro

  • Position: Postdoctoral Researcher in Genomics and Metagenomics
  • Location: Edinburgh Campus
  • Expertise:
    • Livestock and Fishing
    • Agriculture, Crops and Soils

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I have a degree in Agricultural Engineering, a Master's degree in Animal Breeding and Genetics and I obtained my PhD in 2017 with the development of a selection experiment for intramuscular fat in rabbits, all at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).

Afterwards, I wanted to expand my knowledge in animal breeding to other fields, especially metagenomics and the study of the influence of host genetics on the microbiome. I moved to Edinburgh where I am investigating how best to use information on the composition of the bovine microbiome to predict feed efficiency and methane emissions at the phenotypic and genetic level. This approach is of great interest to the beef industry because it offers the opportunity to improve the accuracy of genetic evaluation of animals for these traits and consequently accelerates the response to selection, contributing to faster sustainable beef production.

Areas of expertise and interests

  • Livestock and Fishing
  • Agriculture, Crops and Soils

I'm currently working on

  • elucidating bovine host genomic links with rumen microbial genes to improve feed efficiency and reduce methane emissions

My professional highlights

  • several research papers as first author, all published in Q1 journals
  • reviewer for different Q1 journals
  • awarded the 2018 PhD Thesis Extraordinary Award by the UPV
  • more than 30 presentations at international conferences, including two invited talks at the National Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA, Madrid) and UPV
  • during my PhD was awarded the prize for the best research paper by a young scientist in the field of breeding and genetics (11th WRC) and the prize for the best poster by the Genetics Commission (66th EAAP)
  • awarded several grants from the Spanish Ministry
  • taught Animal Breeding courses in different masters and graduate programmes at UPV and the University of Edinburgh
  • organised short courses in the field of data analysis
  • co-supervised master theses and assessed PhD theses of students in INIA and UPV

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