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Dr Ian Dawson

  • Position: Reader
  • Location: Edinburgh Campus

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I am a Reader at SRUC as well as a Senior Scientist with World Agroforestry (ICRAF) that is headquartered in Kenya (I am based in the UK but previously lived in Kenya for a number of years). I have engaged in work in 20 tropical or sub-tropical countries.

Currently, most of my work at SRUC is to support and undertake research on the domestication and further promotion of orphan (underutilised) crops, and to contribute to SRUC’s globally-facing agenda through promoting international collaboration. SRUC and ICRAF’s work on orphan crops is complementary and I bridge the institutions to explore collaborative opportunities.

I also have an interest more widely in: the role of biodiversity (genetic resources and species diversity) in supporting agricultural production and human health, in food systems, and in climate change. I aim to inform research strategy and policy development for agriculture through my writing.

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