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Bob Rees

  • Position: Interim Head of Carbon Crops and Soils

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I am a Professor in Agriculture and Climate Change, with research interests in carbon sequestration, agricultural greenhouse gas mitigation and adaptation. I originally studied biology as an undergraduate but went on to specialise in soil science and have a long established history of research in nitrogen and carbon cycling and soil management in a range of crop and soil systems.

I have carried out extensive research on sources of greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural systems and how these can be reduced. This has led to improvements in our accounting methods at both national and local scales.

My work has made a significant contribution to European research programmes, and I recently coordinated Legume-Futures an EU Framework project on the role of legumes in farming systems. I have also worked extensively in China on the opportunities for more efficient nitrogen management in farming systems. New work in this area is currently being developed in a Global Hub project in South Asia.

I am an Assistant Editor of Soil Use and Management and a Speciality Chief Editor for the Frontiers Journal in Sustainable Food Systems.

I'm currently working on

  • improved nitrogen management in South Asia
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions from dairy farming
  • understanding the role of legumes in sustainable agriculture
  • greenhouse gas mitigation in Scotland

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