Top entrepreneurs join SRUC’s enterprise journey

Dr Jeremy Leggett is one of two new entrepreneurs-in-residence appointed by SRUC.


Two entrepreneurs-in-residence have been appointed by SRUC as part of its drive to become an enterprise university at the heart of the sustainable natural economy.

The appointment of Jackie Brierton MBE, Chief Executive of GrowBiz Scotland, and Dr Jeremy Leggett, Chief Executive of Highlands Rewilding, follows the creation of SRUC’s Enterprise Academy for the Rural and Natural Economy - the first of its kind in Scotland.

Established in 2017, GrowBiz Scotland is an award-winning rural enterprise support organisation working as a long-term advocate and active supporter of rural, female and social entrepreneurship throughout Scotland and internationally.

Jackie said: “I am delighted to support SRUC’s ambitious and timely vision to foster and encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs to create sustainable value and to champion the broad range of benefits rural enterprises bring to Scotland as a whole.

“I look forward to collaborating with SRUC academics to build a deeper appreciation of the realities of the diversity and innovation in rural businesses and also, through sharing my experiences and insight with students, to encourage them to develop their own enterprising ideas.”

Jackie Brierton MBE

Jeremy, an internationally renowned solar energy entrepreneur and winner of the Gothenburg Prize for Sustainable Development in 2015, recently bought two estates in the Scottish Highlands with the prime purpose of nature recovery and community prosperity through rewilding.

He said: “I have spent the last 30 years building international businesses which directly combat climate change using innovative technology and importantly through the creation of sustainable community networks.

“Because of the increasing climate crisis, urgent action is required more than ever, and I look forward to joining forces with SRUC’s Enterprise Academy to inform effective programmes and approaches to inspire the next generation of green entrepreneurs.”      

Professor Wayne Powell, Principal and Chief Executive of SRUC, said: “Jackie and Jeremy are world-renowned entrepreneurs who have already made a significant difference in the rural and natural economy. They will play a key role in enhancing our enterprise strategy and help us drive the actions required to be Scotland’s enterprise university at the heart of our sustainable natural economy.”

Dr Carol Langston, Director of SRUC’s Enterprise Academy, said: “We are thrilled to have two such respected and experienced entrepreneurs who are keen to collaborate with us as we build an institution-wide enterprise culture and purposeful learning pathways for all SRUC students.” 

Posted by SRUC on 20/06/2022

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