Speaking out about strangles

Speaking out about strangles – an infectious equine disease – is the focus of a new national week of action launched by SRUC in partnership with some of the UK’s largest horse welfare organisations.

SRUC is joining forces with the Animal Health Trust, British Horse Society, Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy, Redwings Horse Sanctuary and World Horse Welfare to bring together their experiences and expertise to create Strangles Awareness Week.

The aim of the week, which will run from 4-10 May, is to provide an opportunity for horse owners, livery yard managers, vets and professionals, including farriers and equine dentists, to share their stories of strangles in a bid to tackle stigma and prompt people to take proactive action to protect their horses from the infectious disease.

According to the Animal Health Trust, an average of 600 outbreaks of strangles take place every year, making it the most prolific equine infectious disease in the UK. It not only causes misery for the affected animals, but can be financially and emotionally devastating for horse owners and equestrian businesses.

As part of the week, staff and students at SRUC’s Oatridge campus will be sharing their experience of strangles prevention and certification through the Premium Assured Strangles Scheme (PASS).

Louise Bulmer, Programme Leader at SRUC, said: “We are really pleased to be part of Strangles Awareness Week. By increasing knowledge and awareness of strangles, and effective biosecurity measures, we can all work towards reducing the number of strangles outbreaks.”

To coincide with the announcement of Strangles Awareness Week, a new online pledge has been launched for vets and professionals, asking them to commit to checking their own biosecurity practices and making good hygiene and strangles prevention normal topics of conversation with their clients and to signpost them to further helpful advice and guidance.

Find out more about the week and the pledge on Pledge to Stamp out Strangles! page or find out more about PASS.

Posted by SRUC on 05/03/2020

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